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Sale SS24
Small Sizes 32-35
Large Sizes 42-45

New styles on sale

Shoes in Petite and Large Sizes. Andypola, specialist in Special Size Footwear

Andypola is the specialist in shoes of large and small sizes. We have an extensive shoe catalog of special sizes for anybody looking for an elegant, comfortable and quality footwear. We are the leading brand in Europe in shoes of special sizes, whether they are big or small. In our online store, you can buy all our models and receive them comfortably in your home.

Choose the model, select your size and enjoy your Andypola shoes!

If you need shoes in large sizes...

Do not hesitate and immerse yourself in our online store. We have a wide variety of models for you to choose from and find the one you will like the most. Make fashion fit your feet with our ballet flats, high-heeled shoes, leisure shoes and sandals. In addition, we have a selection of footwear in special width, made especially for those of you who have wider and more delicate feet. All of it, without forgetting the dress shoes, a unique footwear for special and important occasions.

The problem of walking into a shoe store and not finding the plus sized shoes that you were looking for is over.

Do you have problems in finding shoes in small sizes?

It happened to you, right? You may find shoes that you like, they will be perfect with those pants that you bought yourself last week, but the same problem keeps coming back: they do not come in your size. Your feet are too small for that store and you will be left off with the desire...

Do not worry, at Andypola we have what you need. We care about you and offer you our shoe catalog in small sizes for you to choose all the ones you like the most. We have a wide variety of models and colors, so you only have to worry about deciding which one is best for you, select your size and go out to show off your feet.

Everything for those who need shoes in special sizes

Yes, at Andypola we think of you and we manufacture all our shoes in special sizes. Whether you are a man or woman, you will never have to worry again about where to find footwear to fit your feet perfectly. If you browse our online store, you will be able to find all kinds of models, so that Andypola becomes your online shoe shop par excellence.

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